Adobe Illustrator Free Download

Adobe Illustrator Free Download

Adobe Illustrator Free Download: Adobe Illustrator is a vector file graphics software that designs (logo, icon, typography, drawing, flat design, also mobile apps can be designed, etc.). Adobe Illustrator is published by adobe .inc. Most designers in the world use Adobe Illustrator only. The first version of Adobe Illustrator was published on March 19, 1987. And the latest version of Adobe Illustrator recently published in 2020. Adobe Illustrator has all the tools you need to design a full HD graphic.

Adobe Illustrator has a huge scope. Adobe Illustrator can design very deeply. If we look at it, we will see a lot of design. Graphics is very important to today’s needs. Because graphics are used in everything. In the creative cloud, you will found all applications of Adobe. Inc.

Basic Types of Adobe Illustrator

  1. Vector File:
    Any type of object (line, curve, Point, etc), or if it is created from a basic object, it is called a vector. For example, if someone (curve, line, etc.) is created with Adobe Illustrator’s basic tools that can be zoomed in as much as possible without affecting its pixel and graphics, the vector remains in its original state. so, that design is called a vector file/ design. Some extensions of vector designing (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG).
  2. Raster File:
    in Raster design, Pixels get worse when we zoom into the image. Because the raster file is in the form of an image. And an image is made up of many colours. when the image zoom deeply, the more pixels of the file are lost. That is why it is called Raster design/file, Whose pixel quality does not remain the same. Some extensions of raster designing (.PNG, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF).

Adobe Illustrator Features:

  • Create a New Project in Adobe Illustrator
    Go to file menu and click on NEW, you can see different options.
  • Recent:
    In the recent option, you will see your previous project.
  • Save:
    In the save option, you will see those projects, who were saved.
  • Mobile:
    In the mobile option, you can select that mobile page which is acceptable for mobile.
  • Web:
    Also designing the webpage using Adobe Illustrator
  • Print:
    In the print option, a custom page can be selected. For example (Letter size, A4 page, etc) can design by selecting these pages.
  • Film & Video:
    Also designing for film and TV.
  • Art& illustrator:
    In this option, make any type of shape or etc.
    Also, you can choose one or more pages in a project.
  • Tool Bar
    The toolbar is a very important bar through which all editing and designing are done. There are many tools in the toolbar, all of them are different from each other. Each tool has a specific function. If these tools are understood very well. That is, good graphic design can be done if each tool is understood in detail. If the toolbar is accidentally hidden or removed. To show/appear the toolbar, just go to the Window menu and enable/check the toolbar from there. The toolbar is portable it can be set wherever on the screen.
    Adobe Illustrator has many tools but we will only briefly describe the most used tools.

How to use Adobe Illustrator?

  • Selection Tool:
    We can select the area from the selection tool. The selection tool, which helps in selecting the object and designing it, the first tool in the toolbar is called the selection tool and its neighbour tool is called the direct selection tool. These tools are not used as selectors until the drawing a shape or rectangle and then use the selection on these tools. Rotate the objects using the selection tool. You can move the object anywhere on the page with the Selection tool.
  • Rectangle Tool:
    Rectangle Tool looks like a box. And if you look at it, you get to see a small arrow, clicking on it to see more tools in the Rectangle Tool. They all have different jobs. A good shape can be drawn by further customizing this tool with the selection tool.
  • Zoom Tool:
    The zoom tool looks down like a magnifier. With this tool, your object can be zoomed as much as you want. And if you want to zoom out, then pressing the alt key brings up a ‘ – ‘ symbol in the zoom tool. Then your object can be zoom-out. The zoom tool contains the default ‘+’ symbol. Further, your object can also be zoomed with ‘ctrl + space bar’ and selection tool.
  • Pen tool:
    Pen Tool can be used for drawing. If you want to draw any object in the pen tool, start with a dot, go through the dots, then come to the starting dot and press with the pen tool, then the drawing is complete. When the starting dot comes and the last dot is applied, it becomes the final dot.
  • Text Tool:
    Text Tool used to write any type of text inside the object or outside the object.
    Note: We have discussed some tools. But there are more tools in Adobe Illustrator that make designing even better.

Adobe Illustrator Free Download System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Window 7, Window Vista, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 10 (Recommended 64bits)
  • Processor:
    1 GHz or much faster (Recommended Intel multicore processor) or AMD
  • Drive Space for Adobe Illustrator:
    1GB free space
  • Memory Space:
    4GB (Recommended 8GB)
    Display Resolution:
    1280/ 800 or much better
  • Technical Information:
    Author/ Publisher: Adobe.Inc
    Language: default English Language and also have more languages in adobe illustrator.
    Initial Version: 19 March 1987
    Latest Version: 6 March 2020

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Adobe Illustrator Free Download

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Adobe Illustrator Free Download FAQs

  • What is a Pixel?
    Combination of different colours of an image. Pictures and elements, etc in raster image form is called a pixel.
  • Difference b/w Adobe Illustrator vs Adobe Photoshop?
    Adobe Illustrator performs designing in a vector and raster form. In it (logo, icon, picture, drawing, etc.) go-to design. While the name of Photoshop indicates that it is a photo editing software. photoshop depends on layers. Illustrator does not depend on layers.
  • How do I create another copy of the object?
    To copy the object, select the object from the selection tool and press the ‘alt key’. Then move the object to another place, and see another copy of the object.
  • How does Adobe illustrator download free full version?
    One-click to download the Adobe illustrator. If you look at the other of the websites, first go to the main website of Adobe and sign in, then follow the 2 or 3 steps and then download the software. But just 1 click on the download button from our website and download the software. Also, Adobe illustrator free download for windows 7 32 bit.
  • How to Adobe Illustrator Free Download?
    Download it free for life from our website. Just go to Google and type our website name and then in search bar type Adobe Illustrator Free Download then you found the Adobe Illustrator Free Download for a lifetime.
  • is it Good to use Free version of Adobe Illustrator?
    Yes, but after some time it will ask you to activate it that’s why our website is providing Adobe Illustrator Free Download.