Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download

Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download

Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download: Adobe Premiere Pro published by Adobe Systems for video editing. In September 2003 old version was published. Adobe  Premiere Pro is a high-resolution software. From Adobe Premiere Pro, movies, audio, video, etc. can be edited with nice colours and tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro has great tools and features that can be used to edit any kind of video. Short clips can also be made in it. This is the best editing software that can also be used for somewhat graphic design. Best video editing software for windows 10, And can also be used on other Windows and macOS.

When editing video you will find many tools that are built-in to the software. We can do good video editing using these tools. If more tools are needed that are not present in the software, they can be imported using the Internet. Imports means can be added tools to Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download from the Internet. Many great tools can be used to further improve video editing. Photoshop files can be opened and edited in adobe premiere pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro New Project

In Adobe Premiere Pro, a new project can be created by going to the File menu. If a project that is already saved can also be opened and edited again.

Project name to be set. Location to be set too. Location means that the file has to be saved after editing. So a specific space is selected from the computer where the file is to be saved. And if need be, this editable file can be used or further edited, then easily find the file and re-open it in adobe premiere pro and edit it.

There are more advanced options, they must also be considered. Below are further advanced options (General, Scratch Disk, Settings). In Scratch Disk, video, audio are all given separate options to save the file wherever you want. Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download, Click on ok and workplace have shown in dark mode.

Adobe Premiere Pro Panels

  • Media Panel:
    The media panel adobe premiere pro can be seen at the bottom of the application screen. Which is for special use. This media panel will contain every file that needs to be edited. Each file is imported from the computer in this media panel itself. Whether it is video or audio, all kinds of files are lying in the media panel. If a file is to be imported from a computer, then double-clicking inside the media panel automatically opens the computer’s file explorer where the file is located. Video or Audio files can be imported by simply double click on it. Besides, the file can be imported from the computer by going to the File Menu and selecting the import option or the file can also be imported from the shortcut key (ctrl + I).

    Or right-clicking inside the media panel will also give you the option to import. An even simpler way is to simply drag n drop any file. How to view these files in the media panel after importing the files. In List View or Icon View, you can place a custom view from the options at the bottom in the Media Panel.
    If you want to make the media panel in full screen by pressing the Till (~) button from the keyboard. You can see different colours of everything in the media panel. Video, audio, image, etc. will all have different colors. You can also change these colors to your liking.
  • Can create new PIN / New Folder in Media Panel. In which your files can be placed. Each item can be placed in the folder/ PIN. if you want multiple folders, you can be creating. And if you want again to minimize the media panel just press the same Till (~) key to minimize again.
  • Source Panel:
    Some changes can be made before the advance editing of the video in the source panel. For example, if a video contains a piece of data, pictures, or video that needs to be removed, you can remove that part in the source panel before going to the timeline. This can also be done in the timeline, but when the project/video is too large, it becomes difficult to remove any part of the timeline again and again. So the source panel is used to make this task easier.
  • Timeline Panel:
    The main editing is done in the Timeline Panel. It is also seen on the Adobe Premiere Pro screen below. This is where the whole editing is done. For example (trim, split, effects, etc.) all arrangements can be done in the Timeline. The layout of audio, video, pictures, etc, can be arranged in the adobe premiere only. If you want to create a sequence first in the timeline, then you will find an option in the top corner of the timeline. In the default setting has no Sequence. In sequence video quality, frame, etc all have to be fixing.
  • Program Monitor Panel:
    In the Program Monitor Panel, you can see all the changes that we have made. The video can be viewed by playing in this panel. That’s what’s changing. Whether or not it meets our expectations.

Adobe Premiere Pro Features:

  • Learning With Premiere Pro
  • Assembly
  • Editing (Editing is the Main Feature in Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Colour (In colour window choose that colour which you need)
  • Effects (Video can be polished by adding effects to the video)
  • Graphics
  • Libraries
  • Extra Graphics

Adobe Premiere Pro System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Window 7, Window Vista, Window 8, Window 8.1, adobe premiere for windows 10, Also Used on ‘Mac OS X’
  • Processor:
    Intel 4th or 5th generation or AMD, or a good processor which can improve the speed.
  • Drive Space:
    8GB or More
  • RAM:
    8GB RAM or (recommended 16GB)
  • Monitor Resolution:
    1280/ 800 or Recommended 1920/ 1080 or Greater
  • Internet:
    Internet connection must be required for sign in

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Adobe Premiere Pro Download

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Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download Additional Details

  • Publisher: Adobe System
  • Initial Version: September 2003
  • Latest Version: April 21, 2020
  • Language: English also more languages are available 
  • Type: Video Editing Software
  • File Size: 1.95GB

Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download FAQs

  • How do Adobe Premiere free download full version?
    To adobe premiere pro free download for windows, click on the download button on our website and wait for it to be downloaded.
  • Is this software free of cost?
    Of course, Adobe Premiere Pro is a full version and free application. It can be downloaded in full version from our website.
  • how to get Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download 2020 version?
    Yes, of course, you can download Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 version. Which is available on our website.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download is virus-free?
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download is activation for the lifetime.

Adobe Premiere Pro Pros & Cons


  • Editing Software Free
  • Source Panel, which makes it easy to edit lengthy videos.
  • Replacement of Clips
  • For Windows-OS and macOS
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Interface


  • Nothing special in the new version