Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus: Baidu.Inc is a Multinational Technology Company. Which provided much software to markets. Which can be used on computers. And they are also available in the android version. Like much other software published by Baidu.Inc, it also published Baidu antivirus software. it is used on computers.

Baidu antivirus comes in handy to protect the computer and remove the virus from it. Baidu antivirus tells if the virus tries to enter the computer. Gives notifications. And the colour of its skin can also be changed whenever we want.

Baidu antivirus 2020 is powerful software, which is used to protect the computer from various threats. Viruses that do a lot of damage to your computer. And corrupt all computer data. Which data is very important to us. The viruses are (malware, spyware, adware). In addition to these, many other viruses can destroy the computer. For example, the computer gets damaged which is not even able to recover.

So the solution to all these files is in Baidu antivirus. Baidu antivirus notifies the first if it is on the computer. If the virus is harmful to the computer then it stays away from the files and data, in such a way Baidu antivirus helps the computer from harmful viruses. moreover, it stays safe from these viruses.
Baidu antivirus also protects against outside viruses. From outside viruses mean the virus that comes from the use of the Internet on our computer. And we don’t even know where the virus came from.

Basic Features of Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus has many features. Which are very useful for computers and this application. But there are three most useful modes are as follows,

  1. Scan:
    It is a very useful and most important feature in Baidu Antivirus. Scan means to check, to check the files of the whole computer to check or scan. After scanning all these files, it shows all the corrupt files in front of us. After deleting these files, we can use the file without any fear. And the computer speed gets even better. The speed of the computer improves when the files that hinder the running of the computer are deleted.
  2. In this mode, you can see the quick scan button. There is also the option of custom and full scan. (quick, custom, full) Any of these scanning options can be done.
  3. Protection:
    Protection is also an important mode in the Baidu Antivirus application. In this mode, we can see some options. These options must be ON. Because this option remains ON then no outside virus will try to enter the computer but will have to get permission from the computer first. For example, the user will be asked via notification whether he allows this file to be opened or not. This file can be opened if permission is granted. It cannot be opened if permission is not granted.
    There are few options are as follows:
  • Computer:
    There are three types of computer options.
  • File Real-time Protection:
    Scans files as soon as the file is clicked to open.
  • Proactive Defense:
    Defense the necessary files.
  • USB Protection:
    If we connect USB to the computer, there is a risk that the virus will not enter the computer. First of all, local viruses do not enter the computer until the USB is opened. Whenever USB is opened by double-clicking without thinking that it may contain a virus, the USB virus enters the computer.
    This slows down the speed of the computer and also corrupts the computer files which also corrupts the new incoming data. Therefore, it is important to scan the USB to find out whether the USB is virus-free or not. And if there is a virus in USB, then delete the virus from it and open it.
    If Baidu Antivirus is installed on the computer. So it automatically scans the USB to tell if the USB has a virus or not. And with the help of the same application, if the virus is found, it can also be deleted.


  1. Anti-Phishing:
    Anti-Phishing is a virus that can alter our private data. For example, phishing is a hacking method used on the Internet. a place where an already created link is hidden, which opened by unknown users. And hackers are tampering with their computers and users don’t even know it. Baidu Antivirus also protects us from this danger and notifies us if there is any such problem or if someone wants to harm us through phishing, this Baidu antivirus is also helpful for us.
  2. Download Protection:
    New software, videos, games, movies, and music need to be downloaded according to daily needs. And no need is met without downloading them. So few of them have a virus inside these files that we don’t know about, whether it’s software or video, Any file can contain a virus, Which can do a lot of damage to our computer. May corrupt the necessary files of our computer.
    So before downloading ‘software or videos’, make sure that the virus is not hidden in them. This can only be done with Baidu Antivirus. If Baidu Antivirus is installed on our computer then we will easily know that the file we are downloading does not contain any virus. If the virus occurs, the virus can be easily deleted from the Baidu Antivirus.
  3. Anti-Hacker Firewall:
    Hacking is a cybercrime but some people still secretly commit this crime. Which endangers our computers and data.
  4. Privacy Protection
    This feature can save from these viruses (trojan, rootkits, spyware, etc).
  5. Webcam Protection:
    Webcam viruses are also a big issue. If laptop users use the internet or android phones users use the internet, these users do not know who is watching them. By Front Camera, Anyone can see what we are doing and where we are. Some websites turn our front camera on and we don’t know and hackers are taking all our information. Baidu Browser also provides this facility to keep us safe from this virus.
  6. Screen Capture Protection:
    The Baidu Browser also provides the protection, so that no one can capture our screen without our permission. What we are doing is using all these Baidu browsers protect from hackers.
  7. ToolBox:
    In the last mode, we get to see the toolbox. In which we get to see many tools. Some of these tools already exist and some tools need to download.

Baidu Antivirus System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (Both 32 & 64 Bits)
  • Processor:
    5GHz Intel or AMD Processor or much better
  • Random Access Memory(RAM):
    Memory 1GB or more
  • Hard Drive:
    256MB free space

Technical Information:

  • Application Name: Baidu Antivirus
  • Developer: Baidu.Inc
  • File Size: 23.39
  • Latest Version: 5.4.3 (Baidu Antivirus latest version are available our website)
  • Latest Updates: 1 April 2020
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English

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Baidu Antivirus Download

Download Now


How to download Baidu Antivirus free full version?
Baidu Download free just click at the download link and wait until the file download is complete & finished. Also, work on (Baidu Antivirus windows 10)
(Baidu Browser for windows 7 64 bit also available on our website)

How to install Baidu Antivirus?

  • Very easy to install
  • Open the setup file
  • Click on the install button
  • After preparing you can see your application is installed.
  • Enjoy the software.

Is the Baidu English Version?
Of course, the Baidu Antivirus version is in the English language.

Can scan the whole computer or custom.
Yes, you can go into the scan mode of Baidu Antivirus. More details can be read above.

Pros & Cons of Baidu Antivirus


  • Free Version
  • Simple Interface
  • Changeable Skin
  • Protect from internet
  • It protects against any virus that comes from the internet
  • Extra Features Rather Than Other
  • Extra Tools Available
  • Protects against incoming viruses from all sides.


  • This slows down the working of the computer.
  • Frequent notifications during a particular task.