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Baidu Browser Latest Version Free Download: Baidu Browser is published by a Chinese multinational technology company. That company is specialized in Internet-related services also artificial intelligence. Baidu browser is a Computer Software used for the Internet. Baidu Browser based on chromium. Chromium Browser is the same as Google Chrome. Chromium’s interface is similar to Google Chrome’s and also features.

Google is the No. 1 search engine all over the world. Which is used all over the world but Baidu came up with a search engine in China that is at No. 2 compared to Google. This is a Chinese search engine the way we know China sells its products all over the world. Everything from 1 needle to the biggest, China sells in the world. Similarly, China is one of the top countries in the world in terms of technology. As a result, China published its search engine in the Chinese language. Similarly, China has developed a Baidu Browser.

The browser has very good features. These are (screenshot, changeable skin colour, user interface, etc).

The browser also has its built-in scanner or Baidu antivirus to prevent viruses. There is also a Baidu security tool. Baidu has another built-in extension. That’s Whatsweb. Whatsapp can be used on the browser by connecting it to mobile WhatsApp.

Why should we use the Baidu Browser?

Extra Facilities in Badu Browser

The Baidu has many features that are not found in other browsers.

  1. Users face great difficulty in downloading. Whether it’s software or a media file. But Baidu also provides the facility. Downloading is easy to do in the Baidu. Because this feature is available in its extension. Also will see Whatsweb and Facebook built-in feature. 
  2. Changeable Skin Color
  3. Easy to use, because this browser user interface same as Google Chrome browser but we see more feature in Baidu Bro

Extras in Baidu Browser

  • Extension:
    Baidu has already provided a lot of useful things in the extension. Further extensions import from chrome can be important.
  • PopUp Media Player:
    As we see while watching the video on youtube in Google Chrome, if we click on the back arrow, the video is seen in the bottom corner instead of closing. Similarly, we can see in Browser that video is popping up.
  • Youtube Video Downloader:
    You can see the built-in extension in Baidu which is used for media downloading. Besides, this extension is very helpful in downloading videos from youtube. This extension can also be used to download software that is difficult to download.
  • Restore Recently Closed Tabs:
    Whenever the browser closes by mistake or the computer shuts down, there is a big problem of how to open closed tabs. One way is to go to history and open the special tabs that were closed by mistake. Method 2 (Ctrl + Shift + T) is a shortcut key that can be used to open closed tabs. But many users do not know about the shortcut key. But Browser, keeping this issue in mind, provided the built-in button which can be used to open all the closed tabs.
  • Doctor of Internet Problems:
    Sometimes there is either an internet issue or a browser issue which is causing the internet a lot of problems. And when the internet is not working properly, the whole work is left incomplete. But Baidu.INC knew that users also face Internet problems. So the Baidu Browser has built-in functionality of Browser Doctor which can solve the problem of the internet.
  • Browser Page Screenshots:
    While using the Internet, there is some information that is very important to save, but there is no tool that can be used to capture the browser screen. But Baidu also has this facility, that information can be saved by taking a screenshot whenever and wherever you want. This screenshot can be taken from the browser’s built-in extension. Take a screenshot with just one click. Also, photo editing can be done.
  • Drag N Drop:
    As we can see in the drag and drop option in other browsers. Just drag and drop this information into a new tab that needs to be opened. So it opens in a new tab. Similarly, Browser also provides the facility to open specific information in a new tab whenever needs.
  • Baidu Browser Skin Color:
    The other browsers do not have the option to change the skin colour. Rather, the theme is needed to change the browser skins, etc. Baidu Browser has to provide the facility to change the skin colours which can make the browser more beautiful. And it can be seen the ‘built-in skin colour’ at the top.
  • Baidu Browser Simple Interface:
    For those users who have been using Google Chrome or to have used Firefox, Baidu Browser is very easy to use for these. And those who have never used a browser there can easily use Baidu Browser. Baidu Browser interface is very simple and straightforward.

Baidu Browser Features

  • Fast Working
  • Extra Features rather than others
  • Skin Color can easy to change
  • Easy to Use
  • Capture the Specific Area
  • Resolve internet Problems
  • Add a Google Account just like any other browser
  • Whatsaap & Facebook Built-in Extension
  • Closed Tabs Open Using Built-in Feature
  • Powerful Security and Privacy
  • Open that area you need to open in a new tab, just drag and drop it.
  • Media Downloader
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Account Sync

Baidu Browser Security & Privacy

As you know Baidu browser speed is very good. No matter the problem with the internet, it does not affect the speed of the internet and the speed of the internet is always better. Similarly, you can see that the Baidu browser has also given us the facility to keep our privacy and also keep our browser security. The Baidu Browser has a security setting that can be used to secure the browser. So that no one can enter our browser which is unknown to us. Along with the other of the Baidu browser features, it is also a great feature that can be used to increase browser security and make it more secure.

Baidu browser Syncing

In Baidu Browser, the Google Account also added in syncing can save bookmarks and more data in the Baidu Browser. Whenever the browser is uninstalled or the browser is removed from the computer by renewing the window.  Our website offers the latest version of Baidu Browser, just download it and start installing. After installing the Baidu browser, just ‘sign in’ again to the syncing account that was previously saved in the syncing settings you will see that the same settings that were already saved in the syncing account are restored. Again no furthers setting will be required. All the previous data will be found again due to the same sign-in account in sync.

Baidu Browser System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU):
    Pentium 4 or much better
  • Hard Drive:
    For installation 100MB required free space
  • RAM:
    256MB (recommended 512 or much better)

Baidu Browser Technical Information:

  • Author: Baidu.Inc
  • Languages: English,French,Polish,Chinese,Italian,Japanese,German,Spanish
  • License: Free
  • Latest Version: 43.23.1007.94
  • Updated Date: 25 January 2020
  • Program By: Baidu.Inc
  • File Size: 45.96

Also Download: Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser Download

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  • How to Baidu download from google?
    You can see the download button simply click on it and wait during downloading.
  • How to Install the Baidu Browser?
    Installing Baidu is the same as installing the other browsers. That’s why the Baidu is so special that it installs just like any other browser. Free version. The interface is similar and simple. But the features are more than the other browsers. Simply open Baidu and start installing.
  • Is the Baidu Browser in the English Language?
    Of course, the Baidu English browser also available.
  • Is Baidu Browser free version?
    Of course, Baidu is fully free software. Which can be easily downloaded from our website without any difficulty.

PROS & CONS of Baidu Browser

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  • High security and privacy
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to download and installation
  • Extra features
  • Extra Built-in Extensions
  • Faster than Others
  • Internet Speed Also Fast
  • Free Skin Color Changeable
  • Excellent Web Suffering
  • Social accounts are easy to use.

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  • To add more extensions, Chrome also needs to add the same extension, that needs to be imported into the Baidu.