Baidu PC Faster

baidu pc faster

Baidu PC Faster is software published by a Chinese multinational technology company, which is the software used on the Computer. Cleans the computer from (viruses, junk files, more temporary files, etc) and improves the speed of the computer. Helps to remove these files from PC. Due to which the speed of the computer slow. It also has a hotspot feature. It scans and cleans over 300 checkpoints to improve computer speed. It cleans the files after detecting them from the PC. It also detects those files. Which are used daily, Or will be beneficial for us in the future. Before removing the files, it is important to consider that any file that is very important to us should not be deleted from the computer.

Baidu PC Faster keeps the computer clean at all times. Using Baidu PC Faster makes the computer clean with just one click. 

Baidu faster pc free full version software is a fast cleaner. updatable version and also changeable skin.

Baidu software is a fast cleaner. Baidu PC Faster has very good scans and cleansing tools and also be very good antivirus tools.

Baidu PC Faster Modes

There are four main modes/features that are used to (clean, scan, improve speed, etc). 

  • Quick Check:
    ‘Quick Check’ means to scan the PC fastly and specific files. And in this mode, you can see three more options (Junk Files, Unnecessary Files, Unnecessary Startup Items). You can also see the main button “Scan Now”, just clicking on it and scan the PC.
  • Cleaner:
    About cleaner So almost everyone knows what a cleaner is. Many cleaners can be used in computers. They improve the speed by removing unnecessary files from the computer. But Baidu PC Faster also has the functionality that it not only improves the speed of the computer but also removes unnecessary files from the computer.
  • In this mode, you also see the “Scan Now” button. Clicking on this button will scan unnecessary files from the computer which can be removed to improve the speed of the computer.
  • SpeedUp:
    Clicking on the Check Now button can improve the speed of the computer and you can also see how much the speed has improved.
  • After installing Baidu PC Faster, you will see a green colour button on the desktop screen. Click on that and opens a “dialogBox”, can be seen by clicking on “Faster Now” to see how fast the computer is.
  • Virus Scan:
    Virus scanners tools are also available in the market. But Baidu PC Faster also has the facility to keep our PC safe from viruses. Not only can the PC be scanned on this tool, but it also has more options available. Which are (full scan, custom scan, internet scan, game scan).
  • Full Scan:
    The whole PC can be scanned with the “Full Scan” option. Each virus scanner must have two options (quick scan, full scan). “Quick Scan” is explained in detail above. Let’s talk about “Full Scan”, that it can scan the entire PC with a single click. Whether the computer partition is 1 or 10.
  • Custom Scan:
    The second option in virus scan mode is to see the “Custom Scan”. This means that the entire PC will not be scanned but the files that need to be scanned are selected from the computer.
  • Internet Scanner:
    The third option of virus scan mode is “Internet Scan”. This option is scanned through the internet browser. Its use is nothing special. This is because virus scanners, in particular, are used to scan computers and remove viruses.
  • Game Scan:
    4th and last mode of the virus scanner mode is the “Game Scan” which can be seen in Baidu. This allows pirated games to be scanned and protected from viruses.

Baidu PC Faster Features

  • Clean junk files
  • Advance PC optimization
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Clean Custom Files
  • Skin Colors 
  • Computer Speed Optimize By SpeeUp Mode
  • Hotspot Available
  • Access Online Apps also Software

Baidu PC Faster System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Operating system (Windows XP/ 7/ Vista/ 8/ 8.1/ 10) 32 or 64 Bit.
  • Processor:
    800 MHz central processing unit or much better 
  • RAM:
    Minimum 512MB (Recommended 1GB)
  • Drive Space:
    Free Space 512GB (Recommended 1GB)

Technical Information:

  • Author: Baidu
  • License: Free
  • Latest Version: 5.1.3
  • Publish Date: July 13, 2018
  • File Size: 25.56
  • Language: English

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Download Baidu PC Faster

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  • How to download make computer faster free download?
    PC Faster Baidu free download from our website just click the download button. Also Baidu browser free download for windows 7, Baidu browser for windows 7 64 bit
  • How to install Baidu PC Faster?
    Open downloaded file
    Uncheck the option Which will be seen below on Baidu PC Faster screen window
    And net easy to install just follow the steps and enjoy the software
  • What’s the point of deleting junk files?
    Deleting junk files frees up space in a window partition, which improves speed.

Pros & Cons of Baidu PC Faster

thumbs up regular


  • Excellent design
  • Utilization free
  • Also, scan malware in the cloud option

thumbs down regular


  • It also brings our files in junk files which are very important.