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Download CS GO: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Game is a world-famous and widely played online game, this game consists of multiplayer. In this game, multiple online team members are connected. And enjoy playing the game.

In counter-strike game terrorists are also found, fixing the bombs in many places, and in-game terrorists also hijack young hostages. The task of the Counter-Strike team is to eliminate these terrorists, and they filtrated the area of terrorists and free the hostages from their clutches, And to disable terrorist bombings.

The Counter-Strike Team also buys a variety of guns, suits/kits, bullets, And other items, etc. from their earn money.

Download CS GO Overview:

In 1999 released a game, is called Counter-Strike. The game has multiple players within a time. The version of Counter-Strike Condition Zero was developed by “turtle rock studio, valve” in 2004, and it is published by ‘sierra entertainment and valve’. Many more versions have been developed since then, but the next versions have been designed with the condition zero in mind. Many of the counter-strike scenes were deleted. 

Latest Download CS GO:

Counter-Strike 4th version was carefully designed and developed by Valve and hidden path entertainment, also known today as Counter-Strike Global offensive in 2012. This version is the best and latest version of the counter-strike series. This game is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. It is designed for Windows operating system, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, etc.
And it also released the Linux version in 2014. And “danger zone” also introduces in 2018. After critics on this version, it touches the sky within a few months, and the developer team estimates that per month 11 million people are playing this game.

Download CS GO GamePlay:

As we know Counter-Strike is the “multiplayer 1st -person shooter” game. In it, the players are looking for terrorists. And then free the “hostages” from the terrorist grip, defuse the bombs who were planted by terrorists. And after all this, the team member is rewarded in the form of currency. The team player can use this currency for his defence.
For example, can buy a good and excellent weapon. Buy those weapons who are already existing in counter-strike game shop. And also kits/sets, bombs, etc. And yes, remember, if “hostages” are killed by mistake or intentionally, the team member’s points will be deducted, which will be detrimental to him. And it is also important to defuse bombs, so these bombs planted by terrorists can be harmful to you.

Features & Benefits:

  • In this game version complete guide you with a map and also voice, where you go and where are you
  • Left Screen: Full description of your weapons on the left side of your screen. 
  • Right Screen: A full description of the map on the right side of your screen, a description of the enemy, and your currency you’ve won. 
  • Top Screen: On the top screen is a description of the rounds, a description of the teams, etc., and every few seconds a message box pops up telling you about the area where you are, which team wins, and About terrorists, etc.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can also see the details of your player, your weapons, etc.
  • You can easily choose a gun which you need for the current situation.
  • All kinds of Windows Generation Counter-Strike can easily run a version of Global offensive
  • You can be playing the game using the internet or ethernet for connected to one another or networking
  • Also play with the three modes in this version, which were used in the previous version.

Basic Modes:

There are three modes in the counter strike game are as follows:

  • Hostages rescue: two teams save/rescue the hostages Who were trapped in the clutches of terrorists.
  • Defuse the Bombs: Two teams defuse bombs planted by terrorists.
  • Assassination: And also two teams protect the special VIP characters, etc.


there are different types of weapons in counter-strike games, five types of weapons, pistol, rifles, machine guns also bombs, There are also types of bombs. A smoke bomb is to blind the enemies for a while. You can also buy incendiary bombs, plus Zeiss x27. Besides, the properties of these weapons are also available.

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Download CS GO Game Developer Information:

  • Game Name: counter strike global offensive
  • Developer: valve corporation
  • Publisher: Valve Corporation & sierra Entertainment
  • Design For: windows operating system, mac, Xbox 360, Linux
  • First Release Date: August 1999
  • Final or latest release: 2012 and also updated with Linux 2018
  • Mode: Multiplayer game
  • Kind: first-person shooter video game
  • Language: English and furthermore