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Dr Driving apk

Dr Driving apk is a simple car driving game that consists of one player. And it’s also a multiplayer game for betting and having fun with online friends.
In addition to this, there are many types of cars in this driving game that you can use as you like. No latest mobile or tablet is required to run this game. It is small in size and even easier to play.
If you have some idea of ​​driving, how to control the car on the road, then you must try this game.
Plus, you’ll win the coins that you can use for different ways in this game, which you can use to bet with friends or to buy any other car.

You can also kill your free time by playing this game.
In this game, you have to complete the mission by crossing many cars and crossing more turns. In the meantime, you may have won a lot of coins. After completing the mission you will be given more coins as a reward.

Dr Driving apk GamePlay:

You will be asked to sign in as soon as you open Dr. Driving apk. By signing in you can also play with your friends and get more fun. You will then be given a car already by default from this apk that you can use to play the game and there will be other cars that you can buy with the coins. after choosing the car you can set car steering racing and another button in-game setting. for example, if you are left-hand you can set car steering on the left side, otherwise, car steering default set on the right-hand side.

More settings also available, we have deeply discussed the game setting in below. after setting your game you will simply click on the right-hand side arrow button and you can see your game start now, and you can also see car condition 100% and repair cost 15coin. your default red-coloured car A-Class KOS. and you can more settings between right and left side arrows you can choose to set what you need. and you’ll also simply click on the right-hand arrow and control your game with your hands. You can see that you are being guided by arrows, And you are also guided by how many meters you have to turn.

Dr Driving apk has many levels in this game that you will complete and you will win many coins during the levels. From which you can buy more new cars which will have better speed and better appearance. 

During the Dr Driving apk game, if you collide any car or site then your car condition loss and also condition points are reduced and your car condition will be repaired in 15 coins So playing carefully will be better for you and your car. otherwise, the traffic lady-police punish you on the road.

If you playing well you win the coins, moreover, you can also complete the level. if you playing well but your speed slow So your mission will soon be failed. Because the mission time in the game is the default setting during which you have to reach your destination. You can see the Remaining time on your screen. If you do not reach the specific place the mission fails. And if you get there and park the car properly, your mission will be accomplished, and in return, you can receive coins.

Dr Driving apk Features:

  • open your game and sign in the game.
  • you can see left bottom four icon
  • your game profile
  • driver level, mission clear, and win/lose,
  • Next: Accidents, Travel Distance, and Drift length,
  • Next: perfect turn, max speed, and average speed
  • Car choosing (default car A-Class KOS and also more cars available which you can buy by coins)
  • the shop where you buy coins and gold

Dr Driving apk Benefits:

  • If you are not know how to drive the car and if you are not perfect to control the steering so this game is very beneficial for you.
  • Your feeling well when you play the game with your friends 
  • Mission-able game


  • Settings Option 
  • Sounds: on/off
  • Set car Steering what you want, and also more steering and race settings available in next options
  • Also set mile/yard or KM/Meter.
  • If you’ll click on the bottom arrow you can also change your car and other settings which you see between arrows

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Dr Driving apk Download Now:

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Pros & Cons of Dr Driving Apk


  • Easy to play
  • Play with friends And enjoy more
  • Multiplayer dr driving apk
  • Graphics also good
  • Available different cars with different speed and appearance
  • You can earn coins/gold and its use to buy other cars
  • The next turn will be announced in advance with arrows and KM.
  • You can also play on iPhone


  • When you collide another car or site your car condition lose which you improve with using the coins
  • Professional racing features not available
  • With friends chat not available
  • A limited area, map, and missions
  • Without one car, all other cars are locked


How can I download Dr. driving apk?

  • Simply click on the download button and you see your file start downloading.

How can I install my game?

  • Simply click on the downloaded file and click on the install button wait for few seconds and click on done and then enjoy the game.
    If you face another problem, please on the option your game in your setting and then install it.

How can I unlock other cars?

  • First, you earn coins and then buy cars.

Can I play again without stopping the game after the mission field?

  • Yes, you can again play the game by simply click on the bottom arrow.

Is there a solution if I go the wrong way?

  • In this game the whole one you can play like driving a car. For example, you can drive the car forward, and you can also reverse the car/truck.

I have not won any coins and the car condition has become zero due to repeated car crashes. What is the solution?

  • If you are new, you have not won any coins and have not completed any mission then you’ll simply go to mobile settings. the app setting and then game setting and clear the storage data, or clear data.

The game file that I downloaded, after installing the game, do I delete it?

  • If you have internet access, you delete it otherwise save the file in your storage, if you delete the Dr. driving apk so visit our website to download the latest version again. and enjoy again the Dr. driving apk.