Format Factory

Format Factory

Format Factory is a system software used to convert files, be it video, audio, image, or PDF. Convert means that the extension of the file from the format factory can be replaced. For example, if the file’s extension is in PNG, you can convert it to JPEG, BMP, or GIF. If there is any file that you think can be converted, then the format factory will convert it. 

Not only do you change file extensions or convert files, but you can also reduce the size of your file. Whether it’s a video file, audio, or any other format. 

Format Factory was the first oldest version published in 2008, and the current latest version published in March 2020. The format factory updates are done day by day. You can download the Format Factory latest version from our website. 

This version is published for all types of windows. for example, format factory for windows 7, format factory for windows 10, and also published, format factory free download windows 8. All this you will find in one version. That is available on our website.

Easy to use Format Factory Application

Format Factory is a pc software that requires neither a course nor a video or instruction to use, from which you can learn how to use Format Factory. It is very easy to use.

The Format Factory interface is even simpler, making it even easier to use that software.

When you open the Format Factory by click on the installed Format Factory software icon then you can see with the white mod Format Factory interface.

Format Factory Menu Bar

In the Format Factory Application, you can see the menu list at the top. TASK: In this menu, you can see a few options which are (start converting, stop converting, and exit, etc). SKIN:  There are seven different colours that you can see on this menu. These colours are used to change the colour of the skin, which are used to change the colour of the skin of the format factory, just click on the colour box which is your favourite. And you can see that the colour of your format factory has changed.

LANGUAGE: In this menu, you can change the Format Factory language to your liking. You can choose the language that is your language. When you click on Select more languages, you will see more languages. Just choose the language that suits you.  HELP: In this menu, you can see (Help, About Format Factory, Update Log, etc). Below the menu bar, you will see another bar. You can perform the Format Factory work by directly clicking on those options.

Format Factory Basic Settings

You can also see more options on the left side.


  • When you open Format Factory for file converting by clicking on that icon. You can see “option” in the ‘TASK’ menu or in the below bar where you can change the setting on your demands.
  • You can see ‘output folder’ Where your file is stored, by simply click on change and set up. 
  • ‘After converting’ option Choose custom. 
  • ‘GUI Sound’ in this option, you can set up the sound notification and more.

Subtitle Font: 

  • Subtitle font
  • SRT Color


  • MP4
  • Install inside codec to system


  • JPG Quality: (90 From 100)
  • WebP Quality: (90 From 100)


  • Video Mod: (Normal)
  • Encoding Complexity: (High)
  • Max Startup Latency: (4)
  • Max Time Between key Frames: (10)
  • CBR: (uncheck)


  • FourCC: (avc1)
  • Level IDC: (0 Auto)
  • VBV Max rate: (0 kb/s)
  • VBV Buffer Size: (0 kb)
  • Motion estimation Algorithm: (hex Hexagon Search, radius 2 (default))
  • Sets Maximum interval between keyframes: (250)
  • Max B Frames: (2)
  • Enable Global Motion: (uncheck)
  • Cartoon Method: (uncheck)
  • Use Multi-Threads: (check)


  • FourCC: (DX50)
  • Macroblock Decision Algorithm: (Use comparison function given by mbcmp)
  • Sets Maximum interval between keyframes: (250)
  • Max B Frames: (0)
  • Allow 4 motion vectors per macroblock: (check)
  • Trellis searched quantization: (check)
  • Use Multi-Threads: (check)


  • FourCC: (XVID)
  • Profile: (unrestricted)
  • Motion search Algorithm: (mode decision (inter/ intra MB) (default))
  • Sets Maximum interval between keyframes: (250)
  • Max B Frames: (2)
  • Enable Global Motion: (uncheck)
  • Cartoon Method: (uncheck)
  • Use Multi-Threads: (check)


  • FourCC: (WMV2)
  • Sets Maximum interval between keyframes: (250)
  • vrc max rate: (0 kb/s)
  • vrc buffer Size: (0 kb)
  • Note: These are advanced settings. And these are already set by default. If you accidentally change a setting, you can see the full details from our website here. Thanks for visiting our site

Features of Format Factory Converter

You will find many options to convert your file. You must open the same option as your file type. For example, if you want to change the format of the video or reduce the size, etc., you can see the video option on the left and just click on the video option to get your work done.

Videos Converter

If you need to change the format or reduce the size of your video file. So you come to this video option. You can see here more options related to video format converting (Mobile device, MP4, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, GIF, WMV, MKV, MPG, VOB, MOV, FLV, and SWF). 

If you want to change the format of video into the mobile device and you click on the mobile device option, So you can see there are more options in the mobile device (mobile device compatible MP4, mobile device compatible AVI, mobile device compatible 3GP, HD AVC, Android, Apple iPhone & iPad, Sony PSP & PS3, Microsoft, and Nokia). You can format the file by choosing the option for the mobile device or the quality video.

Also if you want to convert the file to MP4 3GP AVI or any other format you just click on this format. Then another window will open in front of you. After opening a new window, you can drag & drop or you choose the file from the computer manually by click on the “Add file”. after this process you’ll click on OK and then click on the start button.

Audios Converter

If you want to convert any audio file ie song, voice, etc. then you have to go to the audio option where you will find (MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, MMF, AMR, M4A, M4R, OGG, WAV, WavPack, and MP2 ) options in any of the formats you want to convert the file then select required format.

Pictures Converter

If you want to convert your picture. For example for university form submission or any online form submission, you are required to upload a picture using your specific format and specific size. So you can create a demanding format using Format Factory. You will find many formats on it, (WEBP, JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP GIF, TIF, PCX, TGA).

Documents Converter

If you want to convert your document file, you can do so by selecting (PDF to HTML, Mobi, EPub, AZW3 ) which you want to convert.


You want to move your disk data to any format. (DVD to Video File, Music CD to Audio File, DVD/CD to ISO/CSO,  ISO to CSO, and CSO to ISO) So you can choose from them according to your demand.


In advance option, you can also convert, merge, etc and rename your file. ( Video joiner, Audio Joiner, Rename, Mux, and also know about the media file info)

These are ‘all format converter free download’ from our website

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Format Factory Download

Download Now

Format Factory for Windows System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
  • Processor: Pentium 3 700MHz or much better
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Required Space: 50MB

Technical Information

  • File Size: 76.4MB
  • Latest Version:
  • Last Updated: 23/03/2020
  • Language: English (default) also 66 Languages
  • Category: Files Converter
  • Developer: Chen Jun Hao
  • License: Free

Format Factory Pros & Pros


  • Convert file as desired like ( MP4, 3gp, AVI)
  • Versions keep updating
  • Easy to file format
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple skins and languages available
  • Reduce File Size
  • You can add multiple files at once, and convert them all at once. And can perform your other work.


  • Reducing the size of the video also reduces the pixels


  • How to format factory converter free download?
    Just click the download button on our website. And see the file will start downloading.
  • How to install format factory 64 bit and 32 bit?
    Extract the zip file
    Double click on the setup file
    Follow the steps
  • Also, choose where you install the file
    After installation enjoy that software
  • Can I convert a file once I have converted it again?
    Yes, you can convert the file again.
  • Can I reduce the file size too small?
    yes, you can reduce the file size too small.
  • Where will my file go after it is converted?
    You can see at the top ‘option’ open it and see your application setting.
  • Is there an option that I can add multiple files at once and then do the converting process on it?
    Add your custom files to the Factory Format and convert them together.
  • How can I change the skin colour of Format Factory?
    In the ‘SKIN’ menu here more detail.