Gojek APK

Gojek APK

What is Gojek? Gojek APK is an android mobile application, which is used for transportation. This is like transportation. For example (Food, goods, merchandise, delivery, logistics, payment, etc,) all these tasks can take from this one Gojek app. Anyone sitting at home can order goods while using this application. Whether it’s eatable food or something else. This is the best benefit. That can be received by buying your goods sitting at home. On the other hand, not only can things be ordered at home, but Gojek APK can also be used if needed.

If you want to go from your location to another location, i.e another city, you can boke a taxi, etc. paying bills from Gojek, and you can also see the news in it. That has given the option of Gonews. And if one has to send his goods etc. from his location to another location, then that facility also provides Gojek APK.

There are different modes in the Gojek application.

GoRide & GoCar Mode:

When Gojek car or Gojek Rider options are opened. So here we get to see the map. And there is also a search bar. When the search bar is clicked, two more search bars open. In which your location and the location where you have to go is entered. Location can also be set by searching here. And also the option of a map has been given. You can set the location you want to go through the map.

GoFood Mode:
As soon as you open Go Food Gojek, more categories are found. When you open them, the search bar appears. If you search for what to order in the search bar, some suggestions are also given. For example, if you want to order pizza, search for pizza in the search bar and many categories of pizza are suggested. The food that is to be ordered can be ordered by selecting it. And your order can be received at home. In this mode (fast food, healthy food, Martabak, rice delights, chicken & duck, snacks, pizza & pasta, noodles, Bakso, Soto & soups, etc) all these foods are served. There are also other foods that are available in it. Select the foods that you want and place your order and receive your order at home.

A mode of Go-Fitness is found. In which there are five more categories. The following are (Zumba, Yoga, Muay Thai, Body Workout, Barre).

In Go-News mode, you can watch the news, etc. Some are recommended news and some can be searched.

GoGames TV
Games are downloaded on GoNews TV, which is connected to the play store. And most of the games are available on Gojek.

Gojek APK Features

  • Chats available 
  • login/ signup 
  • Transportation from one location to other location
  • Gojek APK guide with the MAP
  • Using search bar to search where you want to go
  • Payments transactions
  • Shopping
  • Updates

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Gojek APK Download

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Additional Information

  • Android Requirement: Minimum of 4.4+
  • Last Update: 23-6- 2020 
  • File Size: 72MB
  • Screen Dpi: no dpi
  • Gojek Version: v3.55.4
  • Language: English
  • Uploaded By: Ricardo Toussaint
  • Category: Free Travel & Local App

Gojek APK FAQs

  • How can I download Gojek APK?
    If you want to download the Gojek app, just press the download button and wait for the game to download.
  • How do I install Gojek APK?
    Open the setup and click on the next precesses. After completing the installation click on done and enjoy the Gojek APK.
  • Are these the only modes or are there more?
    Yes, there are more than modes for shopping or transportation.


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  • Multiple features
  • Apply Gojek orders are very easy
  • Gojek Driver
  • Gojek Chat
  • Gojek Portal/ Account
  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface

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  • Nothing special in the new version