Growtopia Download

Growtopia Download

Growtopia Download: Welcome to Growtopia, the world’s most imaginative allowed to play sandbox!

Growtopia is a mainstream MMO game where everybody is a legend! Play together with wizards, specialists, star pioneers and superheroes! Find a large number of novel things and manufacture your own universes!

    A great many players are sitting tight for you to join and have a ton of fun!
    All created by different players! From parkour and races to PVP fights and phantom chasing!
  • Speciality AND TRADE!
    Speciality new things and exchange them with different players!
    Buy into our authority YouTube channel for giveaways, helpful instructional exercises and interesting recordings – Know! This is a web-based game about gathering things – make a point to guard them Note: In-App Purchase, Chat, and Tapjoy Offer Wall choices can be debilitated in a Personal Controls territory in the Options menu.
  • WHAT’S NEW in Growtopia Download
  •    Hi Growtopians, The walk has shown up and we have some really wonderful new updates!
  • – Updated new Inventory! Meet Item classifications!
  • – New Store! Prepare to explore quicker and see parts increasingly valuable subtleties!
  • – St. Patrick’s Day! Prepare for all the green you can deal with! (Just around the corner)
  • – Spring Clash is BACK, and with it, an amazing thing!
  • – And, obviously, the March IOTM and Subscriber Item!
  • – This new customer incorporates a fix for uncommon instalment issues and different fixes.
  • The Growtopia Team

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Growtopia Download

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There are three basic menus in Growtopia apk

In the tips menu, the basic tips of the game are given. And it also tells who created the game. In the game, it is stated that Dabtopia has created the Growtopia Download. And more privacy policy option is also given in the tips menu. Which should be read.

Tweaks Growtopia Download is another option that has a personal setting. In this personal setting, the volume and music of the game can be increased or decreased. Some checkboxes can be checked according to your game. More (privacy policy, terms of use, support, etc) options are available. Skin colour can also be selected in it. And also see the profile id at the top.

Play Game
First and foremost in the menu play game which by pressing play game menu and next Growid and password box comes up. After entering Growid and password are connected. And after some waiting, the game starts. When the game starts, the name of the items, the code to open the block option of the game, etc. can also be entered.

Additional Requirements

  • Category: Free Adventure Game
  • Latest Updated: 31 June 2020
  • Latest Version:  3.37
  • Published By: Earth Alongkot
  • Android Requirement: 4.0+
  • Language: English
  • License: Free


thumbs up regular


  • Full Screen
  • Action & Adventure
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Chat Messaging
  • Currency Can Be Earned

thumbs down regular


  • Graphics Not Very Well