GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas apk is an action and adventure game, which consists of single and multiple players. The game GTA San Andreas apk was released in 2004. Released in 2004 and then for more PlayStations, windows, and (windows phones, android phones, ios phones), etc. GTA San Andreas apk is the part of GTA series. GTA San Andreas apk developers are rockstar north and its publisher is rockstar games.

GTA San Andreas APK Game Character

Carl Johnson plays a fictional role in GTA san Andreas. Also called CJ in a nickname and only carl. Carl returns home on his mother’s (Beverly Johnson) death after a long journey. Carl belongs to grove street families. CJ has a complete family. brother, sister, father, mother are all. 

GTA San Andreas APK Game Story

After five years of carl going home because of his mom’s death when CJ returns home on his mother’s death. So JUANK sits in a taxi holding his bag after proving his clarification from the airport. Carl is on his way home when then some police officers arrest him. And they confiscate the Carl money, saying its drugs money. Carl tries to reassure the officers but the officers say they will solve the problem.

Sit in the car now. What happens when Carl is arrested he sits in the car. And the police officers chase the taxi from there. And Carl’s bag also stays in the taxi. With Carl, the officers go off to chat and tease him and throw Carl in an alley. Where there is a bicycle, which is used by Carl to continue his journey.

In the game, Carl gets some missions that he has to fulfil.

GTA San Andreas APK GamePlay 

Some tools are provided on the game screen. The game is played with the help of these controls/buttons. There are controls on both the right side of the screen and the left side. 

There is a map on the left side top with the help of which we can complete each mission. For example, a color or a sign on the location on the map. You have to go in the same direction as the sign helps. 

In the game screen, there is a control on the left side bottom, with which we have to control the game character. That is, the carl is moved with the help of this control. If you want to change this control into buttons, etc., then those options are also found in the game. Three options can be selected to control the way. 

The Right side bottom control to use to increase the running speed of the character. 

Punch control button means if someone is to be attacked then with the help of this control this enemy can be killed. 

Bicycle control When you reach the side of the bicycle, you can sit on the bicycle by clicking on the control/button. Some more controls are shown while sitting on the bicycle. One of them is used to increase the speed of the bicycle (double-clicking on this button can also do stunts on the bicycle). And when the second button is used to apply the brakes of the bicycle.

You get a sign on the map, you have to follow that and reach the direction of that sign. As we approach this sign, we get the message that we have reached hometown or grove city. When you reach the sign, you have to go to the red coloured sign. That’s how Carl reaches his home. But as soon as he gets home, Carl is shocked. That picture of his mother is at the bottom. And the household goods are scattered. As Carl sits to one side, a man comes up with a cane. Carl tells me I’m Carl.

And the man who meets Carl tells him the secret story that his mother has been killed. And together we will find this killer. That’s how Carl walks with this man. That man introduces CJ to some men. Some people in a car shoot at them. And the ‘Smoke’ car is destroyed in this firing. But all have saved their lives.

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Additional Information

  • File Size: 15MB
  • Android Required: 7.0+
  • Latest Version: 2.0
  • Offered By: Rockstar Games
  • Latest Update: 7 May 2020
  • GTA San Andreas year: 26 October 2004
  • Mode: Single & Multiplayer
  • Genre: Action, Adventure

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GTA San Andreas APK FAQs:

  1. How to GTA for android free download?
    GTA San Andreas android apk (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas apk download) free download just press on the download button. And enjoy after installing. And also free download GTA vice city for android/PC.
  2. How to install grand theft auto v apk?
    After downloading the GTA San Andreas apk setup, open setup file and click on install. And wait while game installing.
  3. Can a GTA game be played with more than one player?
    Yes, of course, the GTA San Andreas apk version allows playing with multiple players.

PROS & CONS of GTA San Andreas APK


  • Graphics Excellent
  • Sounds Good
  • Looks like playing on PC
  • Controls Working Good


  • Nothing Special