IGI Game Download for PC

IGI Game Download for PC

IGI Game Download for PC: IGI Game is a tactical first-person shooter video game that was published in North America. IGI game held in December 2000. The IGI game is being developed by Innerloop Studios. While its publisher is Eidos Interactive. IGI game has published for a single-player game.
This game is based on a commando. In IGI this commando reaches this place, which is a haunt of terrorists. There, these terrorists have kept the key information of the nuclear bomb and kidnap its staff. According to the information, the commando goes there and gets the nuclear information / nuclear warhead from there. And it also frees the staff from there, as well as kills all the terrorists who are involved in it.

IGI Gameplay:


Jone is a commando in the IGI game. Which has to go to terrorist bases and get nuclear warheads. Jone gets ready from his airbase And climbs on the helicopter. And on the way, he travels by jumping from a helicopter on a train. And at the same time, a female gives full details to Jone sitting in front of the computer. And also guides Jones. As soon as the game starts, the main menu starts.

  • Play Project IGI:
    Before entering this menu, you have to go to the Select Player menu. There either default player should be selected. Or select the player by giving your name, then click OK and go to the Play Project IGI menu and play the game.
  • Configuration:
    In this menu, the game is configured. Customize the game configuration.
  • Select Player:
    The player is selected in the Select Player menu. Go to this menu and select the player with the custom player name, or select the default player.
  • Quit:
    If you don’t want to play the game or need to do any more computer settings, click yes on this menu. And come out of the game and do your job.
    The female will tell everyone about the enemy base. Security there etc. After entering this base of the enemy, first, inspect the area at a high place, then kill all the enemies present there and their weapons should also be confiscated. Weapons (guns, bombs) are found in some places.
    They should also be raised, which will further fight the enemy. And there are security cameras, etc. to shoot and make useless. Then there is a truck that has to be driven into another area where there are more soldiers. The lady will also guide about these soldiers.

IGI Game Features

  • Genres – First Person Shooter, Excellent Graphics
  • Rating – M (Adult)
  • Set in a large open-world setting, powered by the Joint Strike Fighter engine.
  • Present a detailed view of both the open environment and urban premises.
  • Outdoor and indoor gameplay.
  • Single-player campaign with 12 long and diverse missions.
  • There is no multiplayer or coop gameplay format.
  • Keyboard and mouse optimized for gameplay.
  • Suitable for use on modern Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8 and 10)
  • Incredibly modest system requirements.
  • Free to try under a shareware license!

IGI Game System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    OS XP, Vista, OS 7, OS 8, OS 8.1, OS 10
    32 or 64 Bits
  • Processor:
    300MHz Processor ( Single Core Processor )
  • Drive Space:
    1GB Minimum (Recommended 2GB)
  • Memory:
    256 Minimum RAM Space
    8MB Video RAM
    Keyboard and Mouse also required

IGI Game Download for PC Technical Details

  • Developer: Innerloop Studios
  • Publisher: Eidos Interactive
  • Programmer: Ole Marius Liabo 
  • Designer: Gavin Skinner
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • First Release Date: December 2000
  • Latest Update: 30 January 2020
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Genre: Tactical First Person Shooter Video Game
  • Language: English(Default) Also More Languages Available
  • License: Freeware

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Project IGI Game Download for PC

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IGI Game Download for PC FAQs

How can I download IGI games for PC?
To download Project IGI game just click on the ‘Download’ button. And wait a while for the game to be downloaded.

Where can I download Project IGI?
Download your IGI game on our website with just one click. It is better to waste time by following the steps (3 to 4) on the other website. Download the game in one click.

How can I download IGI 2 for free on PC?
The Project IGI 2 Game free download full version for pc from our website with just one click. One-click on the download button and IGI 2 downloads. IGI game 2 download the same as the other game.

What is the size of IGI Game Download for PC?
Project IGI Game Size is 179MB (one hundred and seventy-nine (MB)).

PROS & CONS of IGI Game Download for PC

thumbs up regular


  • Excellent Graphics
  • Sound Good
  • Mission game
  • Instructions from Lady

thumbs down regular


  • Not on control Tutorial
  • No Multiplayer
  • No game saves