Pizza Frenzy Download

pizza frenzy download

Pizza Frenzy Download: Pizza Frenzy is a computer game. The programmer of this game is ‘Sprout Game’. And ‘PopCap Games’ that published it. This game consists of a single player. Namely, the mode of this game is ‘Single Player’. This game is for these users who use the Windows operating system. This is a delicious game played on Windows operating system. Customers have to deliver very fast pizza. In return you get dollars. During playing the ‘pizza Frenzy’ game is required to specific topping on the pizza.

There are many levels in this game. That in addition to delivering pizza and satisfying customers increase the number of stars in return. Finally gets the full day report. This report contains full details. Which is how much was sold for the whole day, how much was saved, how much was the target to sell, etc


Pizza Frenzy has kitchen 2 or more and branches at various locations. Whose job is to take the correct customer’s order quickly and deliver the correct order to the customer quickly. The customer orders the pizza while staying at their location. And when they place an order, they show up in an icon. Pizza Frenzy Download. Click on the icon fastly and get the order from the customer. The customer who places the order. You have to choose the kitchen according to the topping that the customer has ordered.
And the order must be taken quickly. If there is a delay in taking the order. And if the customer has to wait, the reviews from the customer are not good, which leads to a decrease in stars. Pizza Frenzy Download. And the Daily Report also gets worse. And if the order is taken quickly and delivered on time then the reviews from the customer get better. And the number of stars increases. Payment is also received from the customer. Which makes the Daily Report even better.

Pizza Frenzy Level’s

  • First Hill + Riverdale
    Speed ​​mode has to be selected when the game starts. After that LORENZO has some instructions. If they are read, it is better, otherwise, press the ‘ESC’ key and skip the instructions. Or click on the ‘next next’ can also be done. There are two types of pizzas. 1st ‘pepperoni pizza’ and 2nd ‘cheese pizza’. Pizza Frenzy Download. In this game that will be playing the role of the game. The ‘LISA’ that will give kitchen instruction is the right choice of pizza.
    Kitchens should be selected according to the order received. Each kitchen type is different. The type of kitchen will be selected for the type of pizza order. Also, you have to decorate the pizza. When the day is about to end, a jet arrives. By which you get more dollars in coins.
  • Bora Bora
    Starting the game again. Get some more items, which can be topped on pizza. Get extra items (shrimp, black olives, pineapple meatball, etc). These items are added to our kitchens, which is the service we want to give to the customer.
  • Tomah Metro
    Where the game was stopped. after the ‘Bora Bora’ level is followed by the ‘Tomaha Metro’ level. In which more items are added and the work is further increased. Which requires hard work. (Donuts, chicken wing, bacon, etc). Pizza Frenzy Download. Add these items to your kitchen. And provide additional services to Pizza Lovers.
  • Matira Bay
    Start the game from your ‘Matira Bay’ level by clicking on Speed ​​Mode. More items have been added to it. (Banana, Fake Krab, Peanut, etc) Add items to your kitchen too. At this level, ‘NICCOLO’ will deliver the order quickly by a racing car.
  • Arctic Outpost
    Arctic Outpost adds more items (Ice cube, Mystery Meat Sausage, Fried Eggs, etc). Order at this level where to deliver. That’s the whole icy area. And also there are pizza kitchens. And the delivery boy also uses the car according to the area.
  • Braeburn Place
    In Braeburn Place, adds more items (Chocolate Bar, Caviar, Eggplant, etc). And the kitchen also increases.
  • Bermuda Beaches
    In Bermuda Beaches, (Lobster, Black Bean, French Fries, etc). The area is a beach by the river.
  • Rapids City
    In Rapids City, the delivery boy will use the pizza copter for fast delivery according to the area.
  • Eskimo Village
    In Eskimo Village, more items are (Roquefort Cheese, Taco, etc). These items are added to the kitchens and make a more delicious pizza.
  • Moon Base Alpha
    In Moon Base Alpha, item (Pumpkin). ‘NICCOLO’ modifies his car to fast delivery.
  • Destination Mars
    In Destination Mars, this is the last level. It does not add more items. Deliver pizza while adding the same items to your kitchen. The speed ​​must be improved to get even. Pizza Frenzy Download. Because the take the order quickly and deliver it quickly. Otherwise, the star rating will decrease.
  • Pizza Frenzy System Requirements

Pizza Frenzy System Requirements

  • Operating System
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64/ 32 Bits)
  • Processor
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • RAM (Memory)
    2GB (Recommended 4GB)
  • Drive Space
    2GB (Recommended 4GB)
  • Graphics Card
  • Technical Information
  • Developers: Sprout Game, Popcap games
  • Publisher: Popcap Games, Games House
  • Platform: Windows
  • Language: English
  • Genre(s): Action
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Latest Update: 22 April 2020

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Download Pizza Frenzy

Pizza Frenzy Download FAQs

  • How to download Pizza Frenzy Game / Pizza Frenzy Download?
    Simply click on the download button and wait until the game downloaded.
  • How to install Frenzy Pizza Computer Game?
    Very easy to install
    Double Click on the setup
    Choose where you install the frenzy game setup
    Click on the next
    After following some “Next” steps
    Click on the finish and enjoy the Pizza Frenzy Game
  • Where I download Pizza Frenzy Game Setup?
    You can easily download the Pizza Frenzy setup from our website.