Puffin Browser PC

puffin browser pc

Puffin Browser PC: Puffin Browser accelerates Internet perusing by moving the outstanding task at hand from the asset restricted devices to the cloud servers, and asset requesting site pages can run super-quick on your devices. While most programs rely upon the restricted nearby figuring capacity to render website pages, Puffin Internet Browser can use the boundless distributed computing capacity to improve and quicker. In the accompanying video, you will discover how Puffin and the inherent Edge program perform on an item PC.

Internet Browser, with its progressive JavaScript motor and distributed computing innovation, uses servers to preprocess and pack website pages. You can surf any place you need and leave with no path with the inherent in secret mode. All traffic from perusing the application to the server is encoded. It’s protected to utilize open shaky WiFi through It. 

Defend your devices 

At whatever point a zero-day assault develops, all gadgets running programs other than the program are helpless against digital adventures. Since your perusing meetings are in the cloud, your devices won’t be affected by zero-day assaults. 

Avoid cybersecurity threats

At whatever point a perusing meeting closes, everything is cleansed and decimated on servers. You are consistently in a perfect state and segregated from potential dangers on the web. 

Boost performance with a cloud rendering engine

Notwithstanding your device specifications, the tool leverages the cloud computing sources on servers and supercharges the browsing performance.


System Requirements:

  • Latest Version: Puffin Browser 2020 LATEST (
  • Operating System: OS 7, OS 8, OS, 8.1, OS 10, Vista, OS 2000, OS 2003
  • Author: Puffin Browse/ CloudMosa Inc.
  • File Size: 82.54MB
  • Language: English
  • License: Free

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  • How do I run the Puffin browser PC?
    Download the puffin browser and install it as you install other browsers.
    Is puffin a safe browser?
    Browsing protection in the cloud
  • How puffin browser Incognito browsing work?
    At the point when you peruse under Incognito mode, the internet browser doesn’t spare your perusing history or any data entered in structures. Treats and site information is erased when you leave Incognito mode. It will be ideal if you note that Incognito mode is just accessible when the Cloud Server is turned on.
  • Wrong Geo-Location:
    The application use servers in the USA and Singapore to improve the client’s web perusing experience’. The symptom is that the sites get the server’s IP as opposed to the IP of your present gadget. In spite of the fact that the internet browser passes your IP to sites by means of X-Forwarded-For, a few sites don’t bolster this standard and can’t precisely recognize your locale.
  • How to get to Flash game or Flash video content?
    The program currently opens portable website pages as a matter of course. Be that as it may, most sites don’t show Flash substance in their versatile pages. To get to Flash substance, if it’s not too much trouble, click the fundamental menu at the upper right and pick ‘Solicitation Desktop site.’ It will, at that point, revive a similar page in the work area mode.
  • For what reason do I see advertisements when reviewing Flash substance in Puffin Browser Free?
    To take care of operational expenses of keeping up Flash on cloud servers, advertisements may show up every once in a while when review Flash substance or playing Flash games in the free form of the program.
  • How do I download the Puffin browser pc?
    You can download it by clicking on the download button simply.