Winbox Download

winbox download

Winbox Download: Winbox is a GUI (graphical user interface) tool or application that is used to manage and configure the Mikrotik RouterOS or Server. There are many ways to configure the server (web, telnet, etc) but the Winbox tool is used to graphically configure your server. 

Winbox published by Mikrotik and is available on the Mikrotik website. it is easy to download on the Mikrotik website and it is also easy to install. 

If you know about networking. So it will be no less difficult for you to configure it. Even if you don’t know about networking, you can easily manage and configure Mikrotik RouterOS.

Winbox GUI manages and configures on window 7, 8, Winbox for mac, and Winbox download for windows 10 and configure it. You can also Winbox for Linux free download.

Winbox Menus

Winbox have same menus same as old versions

File: (New, Open, Save As, Exit). You must know what these menus do.

Tools: (Advance Mode, Import, Export, Move Sessions Folder, Clear Cache, Check For Updates). 

In this menu, 

The Advanced Mode you see. Where you have to do the configuration. More boxes are opened there.

Configure Mikrotik Winbox

1- Open Winbox application

If any router is to be configured, its IP will be seen in the “neighbours” and not in the “managed”.
If you need to configure a router repeatedly, enter the ‘login’ detail and password at the top and click on add/set. In the “neighbours” menu, you can see search and filter options available From which we can find our router address.

2- Select the router address and click on connect then you can see a new window is open (close all windows).

3- IP=> DNS configure

4- IP=> Firewall=> NAT=>configure it

5- Open internet setting=> change adapter setting=> local area property=>open internet protocol version 4 and configure it.

Also, more settings if you need

1- Click on IP=>Addresses=>set WAN IP Address after putting the address click on OK.

2- Again click on IP=>DNS=>Add Servers=>Apply and OK.

3- IP=>Routers=>add gateway address

4- IP=>Address=>set LAN IP Address

5- IP=>Pool=> configure pool address

Winbox Manage and Configure on Linux

If you want to manage and configure on Linux then the following commands will be helpful for you.

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Winbox Download

Download Now

Winbox System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/7/ Vista/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 
  • Package Version: RouterOS v6.34 or latest
  • Host CPU: 64-bit plus virtualization support
  • Memory: 128MB or much more
  • Drive Space: 128MB, CHR virtual hard drive Maximum: 16GB 

Technical Information:

  • Latest Version: Winbox 3.23
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mikrotik/ Winbox
  • Application Size: 1.6MB
  • Released Date: 18 April 2020


  • How to Winbox download for pc?
  • Click on the download button and wait, the application will be downloaded in a few seconds.
  • How to install Winbox?
    Double click on the downloaded file
    Show a DialogBox click on “Yes”
    Also, show DialogBox click on “Yes”
    Enjoy the application and configure your router.
  • How to add addresses in “neighbours” to “manages”?
    You can see at the top ‘login’ options, add ‘login’ detail and see the address is added in ‘manages’, which you wanted to add.